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Ancient Egyptian King Tut Mummy Sarcophagus

King Tut Mummy

Mummy Sarcophagus

King Tutankhamun was practically unknown, and his life still remains something of a mystery. He was probably the 12th ruler in Egypt’s 18th Dynasty. Who was King Tut? King Tut was a boy when he ruled Egypt and died at the young age of 18. Having ruled for nine years, and so is often called the Boy King. Tut’s death is also something of a mystery.

King Tut’s tomb was one of the best preserved tombs ever found, it was filled with thousands of artifacts, and the golden death mask which covered his mummy sarcophagus is one of the most famous relics of the ancient world. This replica of the famous pharaoh, King Tut’s mummy, is beautifully crafted to the finest detail. This mummy figurine makes an ideal decoration or gift for the ancient Egyptian enthusiast.

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