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Art Sculpture found in the Assyrian Palace

Assyrian Art Sculpture

King Ashurbanipal Assyrian Art Sculpture

Based on an ancient artifact at the British Museum, London, 645 B.C. From Ashurbanipal Palace, Nineveh This fragment of an art sculpture was originally found in the Assyrian palace of Nineveh depicts King Ashurbanipal, as part of a larger scene hunting wild asses with the help of hounds. These animals were considered a nuisance and their killing was a meritorious activity suitable for the king. King Ashurbanipal reigned at a time when the Assyrian empire was at its zenith. He waged wars against the Elamites, defeating them in several occasions and also quelled revolts in Babylon, thus keeping the empire under his firm control. After his reign however, the Assyrian empire fell apart in the span of twenty years. This beautiful museum reproduction art is intricately carved to capture every detail of the original artwork of King Ashurbanipal hunting.

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