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Old West Cowboy Statue

Western Cowboy Statue
Western Cowboy Statue

The historic American cowboy of the late 19th century became a figure of special significance and legend. Some cowboys participate in rodeos. The cowboy began his career at an early age of 12. The working cowboy usually is in charge of a small group or “string” of horses. Cowboy hat; a hat with a wide brim to protect from sun, overhanging brush, and the elements; there are many styles, initially influenced by John B. Stetson’s. Bandanna; a large cotton neckerchief that has alot of uses from mopping up sweat to masking the face from dust storms. Cowboy boots with a high top to protect the lower legs, pointed toes to help guide the foot into the stirrup, gloves made of deerskin that provides protection when handling barbed wire. This western statue brings the old west theme into your home decor.

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